Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Malmö by the Beach

Some were braver than others, and went out for a dip in the ocean.
Birds on the beach
Someone needs to chase them away. 
They got pretty scared.
Misson completed
Time to go home.
That doesn't look good...
All good, we had it under control.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Celebration of Spring and Easter's here again!

I have heard silly things about killing your darlings, but there isn't a single glans of spring that I think you should miss. Went all in with the tulips, 菊(どして今売っていますか?秋の花、でしょう?)Regardless... they mix really beautiful with the tulips the sakura branches an the feathers.. 


I was so happy when I found these branches, it was like spring was sitting waiting for me in the store. Almost like someone used a brush to paint her branches; sakura I will wait for you every spring!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Weird Weather

I was walking home from central Malmö, and the closer I came to Västra Hamnen, the colder it got. There was a very very cold fog creeping in from the sea. At one point I almost thought there was a fire close by. When I came up to my flat, I was surrounded by clouds and an absolutely stunning sunset.

Saturday, October 03, 2015

Looking Out my Window

So admittedly, this is not from tonight. On a more important side note... If you put Malmö Live on top of _that_ building, my house would still outshine them (or shadow them... mixed metaphors? or not, but still would not reach all the way up). I do like Malmö Live though, it feels international, contemporary architecture and lots of public art works... the problem is....Malmö-hattan.. that's just sad (read plankstek-alert). 
This is from today, just a few minutes ago. The bridge is the perfect companion to the water and sky.
Comments not needed, or more honestly I'm not really sure what I could say that would make this photo prettier (obviously I could study my camera a bit more, and take clearer photos, but the view and light... it is just naturally there)

Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Bridge

There has been complains, too many photos of food, and of "the bridge"... I don't care... I think it is pretty...

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

London in the Summer Time.... or slightly there after...

First evening I got lovely lovely Indian food...
Butler's Warf back-street
Everyone knows, I love tall buildings... The Shard ... makes me happy!
Kitsch? I love it! 
And then we got some nice weather...  
Very nice salmon lunch at Johanna's. View from her balcony... 
A little play ground bridge or bench or whatever... 
I tried to pry it loose from the wall... Super pretty bronze cat with a view....

Some people can't relax when someone else take photos.. gazing into the distance...yeah it is the London eye in the background.. 
Kew garden... you should visit!

Kew Palm Tree Green House
Time for Lunch

Tree top walk

Not sure about this plant.. 
Kew Garden, lovely place!

Catch the rainbow - over the Circle with the Shard at the corner...